- Konftel 50

The Konftel 50-
use it in many ways

The Konftel 50 is ideal for an office or a smaller meeting room. Give your calls a loudspeaker sound. Your hands are freed and more people can take part in the telephone conversation.


No extra telephone line is required as the Konftel 50 connects to an existing telephone or computer.

  IP telephony via your computer
IP telephony with full duplex! Connect the
Konftel 50 to the audio input on your computer with the supplied cables.

Loudspeaker and microphone volumes are controlled from your computer.
  Calls via the system telephone
The most common method for using the Konftel 50. Connects to the receiver connector of your system telephone. Choose whether you want to take calls via the receiver or the Konftel 50 with the push of a button.

Instead of the receiver, you can connect a headset if you prefer.

  Calls via your mobile phone
Have you tried to host telephone meetings via a mobile telephone? It’s okay if you are alone, but is more problematic if two or more people are to both talk and listen using the same telephone.

Connect your wireless DECT telephone or mobile phone to the Konftel 50 with an accessory cable. Read more under "Accessories". Call as usual and use the telephone’s functions.

  • Crystal clear sound - OmniSound TM
  • Natural sound in both directions (full duplex)
  • Simple to connect and use
  • No extra phone line is required
  • Keypad for volume and mute
  • For connection to system telephones, cables are included
  • For connection to mobile phones (GSM and DECT)
  • For connection to a computer for IP telephony, cables are included
  • Can be used in combination with a headset
  • 2 years warranty
  For more inquiry, please email: inquiry@globaltech-online.net