With eBeam Interactive, you can control your computer from the front of the classroom or meeting room. Simply attach the receiver to any flat surface, aim your projector and away you go.

The eBeam receiver is equipped with Bluetooth and can wirelessly transfer all of your on-screen actions to your PC. Free yourself from cables and connect over the air.

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The stylus includes two helpful buttons to allow you to right-click or bring up special tools. The revolutionary tool palettes will allow you to navigate your PC, annotate anything on your screen, and present dynamic PowerPoint® presentations. Don't hide behind a laptop screen or teach from the back of the classroom. eBeam Interactive will help you engage your audience and captivate your students.

Bridge the gap of distance with built-in online conferencing and presentation tools. Save yourself valuable time and money by meeting online. Free your audience from taking notes and allow them to particpate in the ideas you present and interact with not only your computer but with colleagues or classmates around the world.

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