PED100 2.5G EDGE PCMCIA Card  
  Product Overview  

2.5G GPRS/EDGE/GSM PCMCIA card modem with a PCMCIA interface, which can just simply be plugged into any notebook computer with PCMCIA slots and will be able to get connected with the Internet via 2.5G GPRS/EDGE/GSM mobile telephone network with Maximum surfing speeds of 384 kbps.

Mobile users will be able to access 2.5G Wireless Networks with our 2.5G GPRS / EDGE PCMCIA Modem anywhere around the world as long as you are within the network coverage (Service Provider).

Along with the increased speeds, 2.5G networks are packet-switched instead of circuit switched. As compared to 2G, 2.5G data usage are measure in Kilobyte rather than minutes, which should result in lower wireless data cost.

It is a product for people that is always on the run and they need to access to the internet or even emails anywhere around the world. In other words, your mobile office is everywhere around the world.

  Features & Benetits  
  • Web surfing
  • Email access
  • Instant messaging (MSN, SKYPE, Yahoo Messenger)
  • Mobile data communications on buses, trains and ferries
  • Quad GSM band (Europe/North America/Japan/Asia) GSM 900/GSM 1800/GSM 1900
  • Dial-up Networking
  • Setup Software: PC Manager (1 Time setup, 5 steps setting up). Works as a dial-up just like your desktop modem dial-up.
  • SMS (Send & Receive)
  • Connect to GPRS/EDGE network @ up to 384 Kbps download speed
  • Voice and Fax support (Ear piece jack available for connection to an external ear piece)
  • Type II PCMCIA Card. (Driver needed and provided)
  System Requirement
  • Type II PCMCIA Slot
  • Memory: 32 MB
  • Disk Space: 10 MB free of hard disk space
  • Disk Drive: CD ROM
  Operating System Support
  • Windows® 2000
  • Windows XP (Home and Professional Edition)
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